Patricia Martin

Steps to Selling Your Home... 


No. 1: Choose a Listing Agent

No. 2: Find Out How Much Your Home Is Worth

No. 3: Get Your Home Ready for Sale ==> Click here for a Sellers Checklist

No. 4: Market Your Home

No. 5: Show Your Home

No. 6: Receive Purchase Offers and Negotiate

No. 7: Open Escrow and Order Title

No. 8: Schedule an Appraiser Appointment

No. 9: Cooperate With the Home Inspection

No. 10: Obtain Seller-Required Inspections

No. 11: Delivery Seller Disclosures

No. 12: Negotiate Requests for Repair

No. 13: Ask the Buyer to Release Contingencies

No. 14: Sign the Title and Escrow Documents

No. 15: Close Escrow